Large Web Hosting Provider Switches to FreeBSD

W3 Reports says, based on our experience with high traffic internet systems where reliability is a must, the FreeBSD operating system has proven itself many times over. FreeBSD is in use at some of the highest traffic sites on the internet and our customer needed the best throughput available, said Matt Olander, Offmyserver engineer. The FreeBSD operating system delivered on all of Host Department’s requirements including ease of administration, reliability, and security. Unlike the previous operating system we had, which was getting compromised at least once a month and caused our sysadmins small to major headaches, FreeBSD is simply untouchable, said Jimmy Rianto, CEO of Host Department, LLC. Our free hosting servers [which run FreeBSD] never crash, while running over 520,000 websites and get millions of requests per day, said Rianto. Host Department also hosts more than 32,000 domain names for their premium hosting services using FreeBSD. Read more.

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