An Introduction to PEAR says, the PEAR project was started by Stig S. Bakken to create a tool similar to that of Perl’s CPAN archive. Its primary goal is to become a repository for PHP extensions and library code. The most ambitious goal of the project is to try to define standards that can help developers write portable and re-usable code. Documentation about the project is starting to appear on the Internet, surely a consequence of its growing popularity. Some initial documentation can already be found in the official PHP manual and more will be added. While PEAR is still pretty much a work in progress, the PEAR installer and the PEAR site for instance, will probably grow a lot in the coming months. There is a lot of talk on the main PHP Core Developer mailing list of using PEAR in the upcoming releases to host the growing number of C extensions and also to use the PEAR installer as a front-end tool for users to download and install extensions into PHP. Read more.


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