The Apache HTTP Server

Jim Redwok says, the Apache web server began life as a variant of the original National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) httpd web server. It was a collection of patches against the core NCSA software, and so it was “a patchy” server (hence “Apache”). Eventually, the NCSA stopped maintaining their server, but by then the Apache developers had rewritten effectively all of the original NCSA code. Apache became a separate project, and active development continues on it today. The objectives of the Apache server are reliability, flexibility, and robustness, rather than blazing speed. As a result, Apache is an incredibly sophisticated and feature-rich product. Apache can be used in a variety of capacities; in addition to basic web serving tasks, Apache can be integrated with various web development languages, such as Perl, PHP, and Java. Apache also provides an extensive API that allows developers to augment its capabilities so that it can do almost anything. Read more.

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