Blue is Dead!

Brian says, the reports of blue’s death have been greatly exaggerated. I just got back from Berlin, where I was covering the Magic World Championships for the Sideboard. Going into the tournament—which was the first to feature post-Core Set Standard—blue was expected to be a non-factor. Without Counterspell, Memory Lapse, Mana Short, Opposition, Merfolk Looter, and Force Spike it was expected that blue could not keep pace with aggressive Zombie decks, black-green creature recursion decks, reanimator decks and so on. Going into the final day of Worlds, there were four of the Top 8 decks that featured blue permission (countermagic). They were all Mirari’s Wake decks with blue, white and green mana. The green is for Mirari’s Wake and Moment’s Peace. The white is for mass removal such as Wrath of God and the occasional spot removal spell—Chastise or Wing Shards. The blue is for—what else?—countermagic and card selection / card drawing. I saw at least one Wake deck over the weekend that ran copies of Rewind, Mana Leak and Syncopate—it’s hard to keep the blue mage down.Read more.


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