BOAD: Blue-Green Threshold

Nate Heiss says, when it comes to inexpensive decks that are full of raw power, Blue-Green Threshold takes the cake. Truthfully, nothing really has to be modified with this deck. More expensive cards could be added and it would still be well below the 30 ticket ceiling, and this list costs about 20 tickets. Don’t be fooled though, those tickets will buy you close to a Tier 1 deck! This deck has great game versus Red-Green and Tog because of the interaction of Wonder, medium sized creatures, and a small amount of countermagic. The key to the deck is Breakthrough–use it to achieve threshold very quickly. There are plenty of things that are great to discard, so don’t hesitate doing it for one or 2 (or even 0 sometimes, if you need cards to go into the graveyard quickly). Read more.


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