FreeBSD Beastie Sighting at O’Reilly Conference

YAHOO!News says, a red flash of devilish horns from the corner of your eye. Enormous green tennis shoes that any NBA basketball player would be proud to wear. No, it’s not some new Internet flash animation for deviled ham. It’s beastie, the FreeBSD Project mascot, causing havoc on the exhibition floor of the O’Reilly Open Source Conference in Portland, Oregon. Everyone loves beastie, even the Linux people. Who wouldn’t love a 7 foot tall, pudgy red daemon with a pitchfork? Well, maybe a certain cold-weather flightless bird would be better off staying away from the business end of that pitchfork. When beastie started cruising the tradeshow floor on a Segway scooter, the camera flashes were almost blinding. Beastie was just one of the many attractions at the FreeBSD booth at OSCON this year. Read more.

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