Why FreeBSD?

.CO.NR Free Domain Name

Frank Pohlmann says, the FreeBSD operating system is the unknown giant among free operating systems. Starting out from the 386BSD project, it is an extremely fast UNIX-like operating system mostly for the Intel chip and its clones. In many ways, FreeBSD has always been the operating system that GNU/Linux-based operating systems should have been. The Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) family of operating systems can be traced back to the BSD UNIX operating system created and maintained at the University of California, Berkeley, since the late 1970s. Today, the BSD family consists of five main branches, and even Linux activists, comfortable with a plethora of distributions, find themselves bemused by the number of BSD flavors appearing in ever-greater numbers. Since 2001, when the last major branch — DragonFly BSD — was launched, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Mac OS X represent a new creative surge in the UNIX world. All of them are POSIX-compliant. Read more.

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