Finals: Tim Batow vs. Adam Prosak

Metagame Staff says, Tim Batow is the Vegas $10K Champion!

Coming into Sunday, Curve Sentinels was the talk of the tournament. It placed four players in the Top 8 and another in ninth, but by the time the finals rolled around, the machines were gone. Only Batow’s My Beloved and Adam Prosak’s Teen Titans still stood.

There was nothing predictable about Batow’s path to victory. After starting the tournament 6-0, he won a must-win 10th round match to make it to Sunday’s single elimination rounds. In the quarterfinals, Batow avenged his first loss, defeating Jeremy Borchardt and Medium Brotherhood. In the semis, he took out the last of the Sentinels, piloted by Cesar de Leon. Then it was down to him and Prosak.

Fittingly, the final went the full three games, after Prosak narrowly missed ending the tournament in two. In the end, Flame Trap was the deal-breaker, with Bane Ubu and Dick Grayson ◊ Nightwing serving the final blows. For his efforts, Batow receives $2,500 and ten Pro Circuit points, not to mention some bragging rights. Congratulations to Tim Batow, the 2005 Vegas $10K Champion. Read more.


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