VS Realms: Tim Batow Las Vegas 10k Analysis

Tim Batow says, the reason Mono-League didnt do very well is because My Beloved is practically strictly better. The only advantages Mono League has are Merlyn’s Cosmic ability, Flying Fortress, Lazarus Pit, and 3 Drop Ubu.

My Beloved’s advantages clearly outshine Mono-Leagues, and you dont bend over to Kaboom, nor have to run the ‘Terrapeable’ Kyle Abbot. Beloved gives you Alfred, the best two drop in the game (Spoiler), and the best combat Oriented 4-Drop in the game (Cassandra Cain, excluding Tooth).

Beloved is simply a very good Aggro-Control deck; it is the “New Common Enemy.” While it does have Loyalty issues, it is less reliant than Common Enemy on getting its teamup online, and can function perfectly fine without it. It is practically immune to Foiled/Kaboom (ditch Beloveds/Stronghold to Ras-6), and provides amazing counter abilities in Babel, Fizzle, and Utility Belt. The deck isnt very difficult to wield, but is very difficult to play against. While its drops are smaller than Common Enemy’s, they have better abilities, and Ras-8 will end up winning more games than Surfer.

I played Mono League for about a month after the PCLA 15k (I placed 2nd in the DC side with it before I had to drop to catch my plane flight), and decided it really didnt have enough going for it. You are forced to run 8 horrible 2-drops to support Ubu and Demons Head, and lose any games you do not hit a 2-drop. The deck was also incredibly reliant on having Odd initiatives for Bane and Lady Shiva. I decided to make the switch to My Beloved and practically played mono-Gotham with the few things I liked from mono-League (Their late game, Bane, Babel, Stronghold, and Initiate). Read more.


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