Selecting a Secure Enterprise OS

Bruce Potter says, selecting an operating system for use in your enterprise can be a complicated decision. Licensing costs, supported software, hardware options, reliability, and current administration capabilities all are part of the equation. Security is also a concern, but sometimes it’s difficult to determine what “security” really means with respect to selecting an operating system. Further, the major operating system choices have a great deal of marketing hype with respect to security, but it’s hard to cut through the hype and make a decision that’s best for your environment.

Ultimately, the choice you make in operating systems for your enterprise is a choice you’ll have to live with for years. Migrating from one operating system to another can be an expensive proposition. So it’s best to make your choice in an educated manner. Security, while maybe not your highest priority, is an aspect of the operating system that will certainly have long-term ramifications. This article provides one view of operating system security that I hope will help you in your decision. While I have my own opinion on what OS you should choose—I’ll just tell you upfront that I’m a FreeBSD zealot—I’m going to try not to let my opinions get in the way of the facts at hand. Read more.

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