New School by Karl Horn

Metagame Staff says, Pro Circuit Los Angeles 2005 is over, and we have a new champion—Karl Horn!

In a Top 8 full of established names, many of whom were already Pro Circuit Top 8 veterans, Karl was certainly the dark horse, running New School in a sea of Common Enemy and Squadron Supreme. He beat team FTN legend Mike Dalton in the semifinals to advance to play against Dean Sohnle in the finals. Dean was the other player with an unusual deck in the Top 8, which made for a finals match beyond the realms of anything that has been seen in Pro Circuit history. He had not had an easy ride getting there himself; on the way to the finals, he played Neil Reeves and Matthew Tatar, each of whom had Common Enemy decks, which seem like they would have the number of Fantastic Fun. There were bad beats, lucky draws, comebacks, great plays, and some of the most complicated turns one is ever likely to hear about, let alone witness.

The ending was a great climax to a Pro Circuit illuminated by a diverse Golden Age metagame, one of the best draft formats of all time, and a tournament where skill rose to the top like no other. This is truly a Golden Age for Vs. System. Looking forward to PCQs and $10K events in the near future, there is much to learn from the masters of the Pro Circuit. With the Justice League of America set just about to become legal, it is a great time to be playing. The $10K event this weekend—which was Justice League sealed pack, and the second largest $10K ever—signals good times ahead.

Metagame would like to thank everyone who made Pro Circuit LA one of the best ever, and we would also like to extend our congratulations to Karl Horn, PC LA 2005 Champion! Read more.


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