Breaking Ground: Tearing Down the Walls

Michael Barnes says, for this, the final Breaking Ground before PC LA, I decided to feature a deck built by one of the best and most well-known players in Vs. System. He is my good friend and teammate, Tim Batow. If there is one thing that I can say about him, it’s that Tim Batow is short.

Okay . . . so I realize that’s rather rude to say about the person who built the deck that I am featuring. But if you recall, I made a commitment in the first Breaking Ground to denigrate Tim “Aqualad” Batow at least once an article. So, I decided that I needed to get my verbal jab out of the way early, since pretty much everything I say after this point will be flowery praise of Timmmmay!*

Despite the fact that I give Tim grief about being vertically challenged, the guy is a giant when it comes to playing Vs. System. There are plenty of players who are strong players or strong deckbuilders, but precious few have mastered both sides of the Vs. System equation. Tim is obviously a very strong player, as evidenced by his appearances in the Top 8 of multiple $10K events. However, it is certainly worth noting that Tim accomplished this feat with a different deck at each $10K! Read more.

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