Announcing The Release Of Fedora Core 5

Thomas Chung says, Hi, my name is Fedora Core “Bordeaux”, and today I am 5. When I turned 4 last year, they got a funny salesman to talk about me like I was a toy. I like toys. But today Teacher said I am a big kid, and I should talk about myself. I can do lots of big kid stuff now, and everyone tells me that I play really well with all the other kids in class, even the ones who are mean like bullies. I always try and share, which is what Teacher says is the best thing. Sharing is a really good thing to do. I like to share all my toys and books and stuff with all the other kids so that they can play with them and even learn things, too. I have a lot of neat stuff to share, so I made this cool list to tell you all about it. Teacher gave me some things to put in the list, but since I’m a big kid I think I should get to say what I want, too.

So at school, I got awards for “Best Attendance,” “Teacher’s Pet,” “Honor Roll,” and “Good Manners,” plus Teacher lets me stay after to clean the erasers until Daddy comes to pick me up. He always tells me how good I am compared to the other kids he knows and that he’s really proud of me. He says it’s because I’m 100% free and open source, and because I always try to do the right thing just like he and Mommy taught me.

I told him I didn’t just learn it from him, but from all the nice people at Red Hat and the Fedora community, who teach me new things all the time. They’re all different kinds of people — users, developers, writers, translators, testers, editors, and so many other things I can’t even write it all. They’re the people who make it possible to build a complete Linux platform from open source software.

All right, I have to go now. There’s always more things to learn and do and I am a very, extremely busy kid. ‘Bye! Read more.


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