VS System: Rigged Elections

DOR-095 says,
Exhaust an Arkham Inmates character you control » Put a ballot counter on Rigged Elections. If there are 25 or more ballot counters on Rigged Elections, you win the game.

“I would like to thank the voters who have made their choice clear.”

Characters (32)
4x Alfred Pennyworth, Faithful Friend
4x Dagger, Child of Light
4x Invisible Woman, The Invisible Girl
4x Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards
3x Mikado and Mosha, Angels of Destruction
3x Micro-Chip, Linus Lieberman
1x Black Panther, King of Wakanda
1x Shimmer, Selinda Flinders
1x Commissioner Gordon, James Gordon
1x Spoiler, Stephanie Brown
1x Harvey Bullock, GCPD Detective
1x GCPD Officer, Army
1x Query and Echo, Double Trouble
1x Ratcatcher, Otis Flannegan
1x Harley Quinn, Dr. Harleen Quinzel
1x Ventriloquist ā—Š Scarface, Arnold Wesker

1x Catchers Mitt
1x Utility Belt

4x A Child Named Valeria
4x Cosmic Radiation
4x Wild Ride
4x Bat-signal
4x Midnight Sons
4x Marvel-Team Up
1x Rise From The Grave
1x Rigged Elections

This build is based on the decks constructed by Craig Edwards and Tim Batow.


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