Enemy of My Enemy

Dave Humpherys says, cards that allow you to search out a hero or villain in your time of need have been staples in many popular decks. Deckbuilders around the world are always looking to add that extra bit of consistency with cards like Signal Flare; Bat-Signal; Optitron; Wild Ride; The Ring Has Chosen; Answer the Call; and Kooey, Kooey, Kooey. The Justice League set brought you two generic search effects that any deck can use. Those cards, Secret Origins and Vicarious Living, were meant to give players options when building a deck for a team that didn’t specialize in character searching. And now, here’s a search card that’s likely to change the face of Vs. as you know it. Those of you reading are probably either very excited or wondering how on Earth we could make this card.

The events leading up to the creation of this card began while I was tuning some Mutant-based decks. I’d taken up early efforts to investigate each of the Mutant trait’s deck builds. What would an Energy deck look like? Well, one of the goals of the Mutant traits was for players to be able to treat them like teams. This meant that they would have a number of trait-stamped cards. They would behave as a bridge between teams, functioning much like willpower in that sense. Only in this case, you would have three bridges to choose from. Read more.

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