Deck Analysis: Mexican Hardware Store

Graham Van Leeuwen says, Mexican Hardware Store is a rush deck that incorporates burn effects to cause more damage throughout the course of the game. It’s relatively straightforward in what it intends to do, namely cause 50 points of endurance loss before other decks have a chance to set up their defenses. Team-Ups aren’t necessary for the deck to function, as none of the plot twist or equipment cards are team-stamped. In tough situations where team attacking or reinforcing is necessary, Image Inducer provides a fake team-up as well as an ATK bonus.

The standard rush curve of 1- through 5-drops is present, and it contains enough variety to ensure a unique recruit if the game goes to turn 6. Equipment cards are vital for any deck that plans to kill before curve decks get set up, and Mexican Hardware Store has plenty. Eight search cards guarantee you’ll be hitting your curve, and they allow you to include “silver bullet” cards for specific matchups. Mexican Hardware Store plays fast, hits hard, and separates itself from other rush decks by being shockingly consistent. Read more.

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