Heralds of Galactus Preview: Creation of a Herald

Andrew Yip says, as lead designer for the Heralds of Galactus expansion, I have the unique privilege of bringing you the first preview for one of the most anticipated Vs. System sets ever released. When design for Heralds began, there seemed to be an infinite number of ways to approach the set. Aliens, humans, and heroes of all shapes and sizes vied for what limited set space there was, and countless new mechanics twinkled into and out of my mind so fast that I surely remember but a small fraction of them today. After all considerations, pretty much everything and everyone was jammed in, making Heralds one of the most mechanic- and team-heavy sets ever released. Starting today, previews will appear across the Internet introducing each new mechanic and highlighting each new team. Strap in and prepare to absorb it all so that nothing catches you unaware come Sneak Preview day. Read more.

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