Heralds of Galactus Preview: Time Thief

Steve Garrett says, Time Thief does exactly what the name says. It allows you to go ahead in time and search your opponent’s deck (which is a pretty powerful ability in its own right), then steal something that he or she is relying on for later. For example, the Villains United / X-Statix deck generally runs only one copy of its later turn characters. Time Thief will let you delve into the deck to remove that problematic Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man or the oh-so-scary Imperiex. One thing that I particularly like about this card is that despite its “only if you control . . .” restriction, there are very few downsides to it. As a 3 threshold plot twist, you can play it early enough to stand a reasonable chance your opponent hasn’t already drawn the cards you’re after. Also, you don’t have to target a card in particular. This means that you don’t have to have any foreknowledge of the deck you’re facing. You can play the card, search through your opponent’s deck (making mental notes as you go), and then just pick any randomly powerful card that you see. I’ve always enjoyed using cards like Alistair Smythe, but you have to be very sure about the deck your opponent is running. Time Thief doesn’t require anything like that kind of effort. Read more.

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