Heralds of Galactus Preview: Rogue, Total Transformation

Rian Fike says, Rogue, Total Transformation is the most thrilling kind of card. I am swelling with pride from the honor of introducing it to you. It has intense artwork that perfectly conveys the uncontrollable nature of Rogue during that period of her life. It gives the X-Men team affiliation a reason to go green while providing them with a solid concealed—optional 6-drop. Whether on offense or defense, no one will want to get stunned by this gal. Sure, it will be a gamble. Every opponent will try to play around the total transformer. Fetching all the other copies of the character she stuns out of the deck beforehand would make her mimicry moot. She will need to be included in a strategy that allows the game to go into the later turns, as her power will be most precious against larger victims. The character card that Rogue stuns and becomes may remain in play. This will create some insane mirror matches that could never take place without her. Read more.

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