Magic The Gathering: 2006 Vintage Championship

Ted Knutson says, so you want some Gen Con Vintage coverage, do ye? Alright then, I’ll give ye just that. However, a warning before we get started – this here coverage is not for the faint of heart. In peaceful times, Vintage players had a gentlemen’s agreement that they just don’t play many combo archetypes against each other. At Gen Con, that agreement was broken, and subsequently very broken things did happen. Blood was spilled. Women went screamin’ in the streets, and children who witnessed the carnage will have nightmares for years ta come. If you are the type of player who likes your Magic delivered at a leisurely pace, with lots of attackin’ and blockin’ and “by your leave” polite interactivity between players – well this ain’t the article for you. However, if you be the type of person that likes gruesome, kill-you-before-you’ve-laid-your-second-land action that leaves opponents gutted with their life and blood spillin’ on the floor… well maybe we’ve got somethin’ fer ye. Strap in my friends – it’s goin’ ta be a rough ride. C-c-combos a-comin’! Read more.

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