Magic The Gathering: 2006 Legacy Championship

Ted Knutson says, Roland Chang has a chance to be the first holder of both Vintage and Legacy World Champ titles and not only that, if he wins here, he will hold both at the same time (for a day, anyway…call it the Roland Slam). Thomas Lee is also a notable Vintage player, sporting at least one Power 9 Top 8 on his resume. Both players kept their openers and they were off. Cabal Therapy from Lee met a Brainstorm in response, with Chang protecting Force of Will. The Therapy whiffed on Mongrel, revealing two Wooded Foothills, Brainstorm, Arrogant Wurm, Basking Rootwalla, Deep Analysis, and Aquamoeba. Chang cast the ‘Moeba on his turn and then protected it from Innocent Blood with Basking Rootwalla. Living Wish from Lee resolved, giving him City of Brass, and perhaps indicating that he already had Gamekeeper in hand. Read more.

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