Fully Optimized FreeBSD 6.x Installation

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOFB.biz says, You’ve installed FreeBSD, and it works fine, of course. If you are as seriously committed to using it as your desktop as I am, you’ll want to get the most out it. Let’s go hardcore! The key with FreeBSD is optimization — tweaking the compile process so the resulting binary code runs as efficiently as possible. So you’ve got some decent hardware. Optimization has always been fairly easy with FreeBSD, but recent changes in version 6.x have made it even better. Here’s the concept: You use FreeBSD on the desktop or laptop. Set aside the time upfront to invest in the system, and the return over the next year or so will likely make you glad you did. Starting with around 500Mhz CPUs, the difference is noticeable. For CPUs above 1Ghz, the difference is often quite surprising. Read more.


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