Legion of Super Heroes Preview: Mobilize

Dave Humpherys says, this is undoubtedly one of the most powerful character search effects we have printed to date. It is also your first hint at our slightly increased focus on what it means to be on a team. It is probably unnecessary for me to speak about the virtues of searching your deck for a character, so I’ll just focus on the ways in which this card is distinct from past effects. First off, Mobilize makes you play it honest. Each and every character you have in play must share an affiliation with the character card you are getting. This means it will find a home only in mono-team decks or decks that are reliably teaming-up their characters. As a consequence of this, it also requires that you have at least one character in play. This means that it will not help you reliably play your 3-drop character unless you are also sure to include a number of smaller characters to set the stage. Read more.


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