Secure Email Servers with FreeBSD 6

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingYousef Ourabi says, FreeBSD—it’s the other white meat. Perhaps you are a long time GNU/Linux user and have been curious about experimenting with the other half of Open Source, the BSD class of operating systems. The 6.1 release is just around the corner, the first batch of RCs (release candidates) are already hitting the FreeBSD mirrors and by the time this article hits the press, 6.1 will probably have been released. The time has come for the adventurous to forgo their penguins and get down with the beastie. This article will cover the steps involved in setting up a highly secure email server using FreeBSD, Postfix, Cyrus-imap (SSL), Squirrelmail (webmail), ClamAV and Spamassain. The mail host will be able to host virtual domains, and virtual users backed by a MySQL database. All required information will be covered from installing and hardening FreeBSD with ipfw, installing packages from the venerable ports system, understanding the role DNS plays in email to securing Postfix and configuring ClamAV and Spamassain for anti-virus and spam filtering. Read more.

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