FreeBSD 6.2: Polished, More Stable

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSean Michael Kerner says, FreeBSD 6.2, one of the most popular (define) versions of the free BSD Unix operating system, is out with new features and updates. It plugs holes and, in addition to the usual route of installing directly to a hard drive this time around, offers a LiveCD that can be used to rescue a broken system. Developers on the free version of the BSD Unix operating system hope it will help build momentum for what is arguably the most popular BSD variant in use. “While FreeBSD 6.2 includes stability enhancements and bug fixes, there are definitely some additions that current and new users will be excited about,” FreeBSD contributor Matt Olander told Olander is also the CTO of iXsystems, a privately held San Jose, Calif.-based enterprise hardware solution provider. The company recently acquired the PC-BSD project, which is also based on FreeBSD. Read more.