Marvel Team-Up Preview: Big Leagues

PhotobucketAdam Prosak says, attack up the curve with a character and play an ATK pump. Bash down the curve with another, and play an ATK pump when your opponent plays a DEF pump. Cause breakthrough with your last attacker by playing even more ATK pumps. Vs. System revolves around combat. Given that you’re reading this article, you probably either enjoy Vs. or are a crazed fan of yours truly (or my mom). I’ll just assume you’ve played Vs. System before today, which means combat is not a foreign concept to you (Mom, Vs. revolves around combat—just thought I would let you know). If you’re going to be in combat, it sure would be nice to have the numbers always work in your favor. In other words, you’d like for your character to always stun the opponent’s character; hence, ATK pumps are good. Read more.

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