Interview: Dru Lavigne BSD Certification Group

PhotobucketDru Lavigne says, I think open source provides the opportunity to bypass some of the barriers if you’re entering the career market or if you’re looking at changing your career path, because if you look at the biggest obstacles — typically a large obstacle is having the time and money to get whatever training you need. It’s easier when you’re younger and go to university, and so would have the resources to do so, but definitely once you’ve entered the workforce it’s a major commitment to do a career path change. Another big obstacle — especially if you’re just starting out — is experience. Every employer wants employees who have prior experience, but how do you get that? With open source software, you can learn whatever skills you’re looking for. There are already people who know how to do what you want to, and there are people who are at the same level as you and can understand what you’re going through and help you through it. The people who get ahead in their careers are the ones who have mentors, and the open source community is full of available mentors. Read more.

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