Hero Online Sypnosis

PhotobucketHero Online says, according to ancient legend, the hero, Qin Shi Huangdi (also known as Qin Shi Huang), put an end to an age of chaos and turmoil by unifying China. Calling himself the “Son of the Sky”, Qin Shi Huangdi dreamed of one day becoming immortal. So passionate was his ambition, Emperor Huangdi sent over 500 young boys and girls to Trinity Mountain as sacrifices, and hundreds of Taoist mystics throughout the land in order to ascertain the secrets of immortality. Tirelessly and mercilessly, Huangdi sought out and extinguished all those who opposed him while trying everything in his power to become a god. Alas, as is the way of all mortal things, Qin Shi Huang was unable to prevent his death or the fall of his Imperial dynasty. All traces of his glory and wealth vanished from the world when his palace, Ah-Bang Palace, burned down after his death. Many years later in the age of our fathers, two decades ago, the sun disappeared as darkness spread throughout the heavens and the earth. In this darkness, Twelve men, “Demons”, mysteriously appeared shaking the very foundations of the earth with their chaos and destruction. During this time many houses and clans banded together to fight the Demons, but to no avail. The famed houses of Tae-San Pa of San-Dong, Gun-Pa of Hae-Nam, Bok-Gun, Kwang-Dong, Myo-Gang, Sa-Chun, Ok-Mun Guan, Dae-Mak, and San Suh all fell under the hands of the Twelve Demons, leaving the people of the land helpless and fearful. As the Twelve Demons ravaged the people and land unchecked, the lands were awash with the blood of their victims. Read more.

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