Naruto Movie 4 (Shippuuden Movie 1) is released

PhotobucketDattebayo Fansubs, LLC says, Dattebayo is pleased to announce Naruto Movie 4 (Shippuuden Movie 1) release (2008/04/27). This movie, just like our recent episodes of Naruto and Bleach, is encoded with h.264. The resolution is 768×432, and audio is mp3. This allows optimal playback performance even on low-end computer systems. We will NOT be releasing alternate versions of this movie, unless we obtain a higher resolution / quality version such as we did for Naruto Movie 3. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE TO US SAYING YOU HAVE/KNOW WHERE WE CAN GET A DVD RAW. OBVIOUSLY WE USED A DVD RAW OTHERWISE WE WOULD NOT HAVE WAITED FOR THE DVD TO COME OUT BEFORE SUBBING THE MOVIE.
For those who are still unable to play our releases, we direct you to the playback FAQ, which covers all the possible playback issues. You can expect that future releases from Dattebayo will be in this format. Read more.

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