Special Soulppuuden Edition

PhotobucketDattebayo Fansubs, LLC says, welcome to the latest special edition of Dattebayo’s popular Feedback Forum. This edition features dumb questions related to our controversial “Naruto Soulppuuden 063” release. Naruto Soulppuuden is in fact, a fakesub of Soul Eater episode 10. It is not Soul Eater episode 01. It is also not Soil Eater, Soul Eraser, Soul Hunter, Sole Eater, Tsubaki, Rockstar, Soul Reaper, Soul Faker, Soul Edge, Death Eater, Soul Ater or Soul Beater. Yes, these are all versions of the name of the anime that people sent to us via feedback, despite the fact that the title SOUL EATER was plastered on the screen SIX TIMES during the 22 minute episode. And you people wonder why we hate you. DB is pleased to announce that it is picking up a new project, Denno Coil. This 26-episode series has already finished airing and will not be released on a weekly basis. This means we will get to it when we get to it, so please do not complain about slow releases. While Denno Coil is a departure from our other projects, it is an excellent series. We hope that you will give it a chance! Read more.

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