[DB] Naruto Shippuuden 067 is released!

Photobucket [DB] Naruto Shippuuden 067 is released! As Dattebayo says, “Broadcast Yourself Not Our Stuff!!” Please people, stop posting DB’s work to YouTube.

Reffering, Press Release 29, Dattebayo’s official statement regarding YouTube and other “video sharing” sites — YouTube and every other “video sharing site” sucks, and WE DO NOT WANT to see our work uploaded there and turned into low-quality WMV / Flash Video. You are not allowed to upload our work to any video sharing site. Read more.


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  1. Kinda knew it was YHBT moment, also they would never quit Naruto Shippuden for “ANY” reason unless they had no choice and were forced to do so. Of all the years i’v been to DatteBayo, i know they would never drop Naruto.

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