Great Bay Software

Great Bay Software says, Beacon 3.0 focuses on efficient access to information, performance, and laying the foundation for future uses. The UI has been significantly enhanced; customers can access information with one click where it used to take four or five. Beacon now aggregates information about the system health, endpoint database, and event data into a single view so that enterprise administrators can quickly ascertain the state of Beacon and the network attached endpoints. In addition, the Great Bay has changed to FreeBSD® for all of its appliances, a move motivated by a quest for greater performance, more stability in terms of licensing, and better version control. “For us, running on a generic Linux variant was no longer enough,” said Pettit. “In our move to FreeBSD, we’ve seen dramatic improvements across the board. For example, in our most frequent database transactions we’ve actually tripled the performance of the system.” Read more.

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